‘Sorry, do I know you?’ series

Future-proofing measurement and mobile

Thursday, 22 July

10 AM BST | 11 AM CEST


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Meet the new state of identity.

We continue our foray into a world beyond the cookie as consumer concern over data privacy continues to drive change across the digital advertising landscape.

Future proofing measurement and mobile

In the third part of our webinar series we look at how changes in privacy policies affect mobile platforms and what measurement solutions are available that benefit consumers, advertisers and publishers..



Josh Partidge

Future proof measurement and attribution

Robin Jackson

Industry perspective

Tina Lakhani and Mick Loizeau


Mick Loizou


Mick Loizou

Josh Partridge

UK MD and co-Head EMEA,

Verizon Media

Robin Jackson

Robin Jackson

Sr Manager, International Sales Solutions,

Verizon Media

Mick Loizou

Mick Loizou

Sr Director, International Sales Solutions,

Verizon Media

Cyril Lefebvre

Tina Lakhani

Head of AdTech,


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