Immersion 2021

The future of tech as seen by tomorrow’s leaders

Head of RYOT and 5G Lead EMEA at Verizon Media, Mark Melling talks to three Gen Z students from The Knowledge Society, an accelerator program that exposes ambitious students to the technologies that will shape the future. Hear directly from them on their thoughts on the positive impact of technology, how they consume content and what they are doing now to lead the future.

Azim Jiwani

TKS Alumni and Former Data Scientist at Rogers 5G

Lina Nayvelt

TKS Alumni

Ruhani Walia

TKS Activator

Mark Melling

Head of RYOT and 5G Lead EMEA

Verizon Media

The new creative spark

XR Consultant, Author and Columnist Charlie Fink dives deep into how companies and individuals can keep up with creativity and collaboration during this work from home time in discussion with three leaders in the XR, AR and media industries.

Amy Peck

Founder & CEO


Cathy Hackl

Futurist & Author

The Augmented Workforce

Christina Lundari

General Manager, Italy

Verizon Media

Charlie Fink

XR Consultant, Author, Columnist

Virtualization of the real world

Learn how AR is going to come together with the real world and how 5G will impact it with Former CEO and Advisor to Niantic, Matt Miesnieks and TechCrunch Editor, Greg Kumparak.

Matt Miesnieks

Former CEO, Advisor to Niantic

Greg Kumparak



The effectiveness of immersive storytelling with VR

Science meets brand storytelling with Verizon Media's Anita Caras and Cognitive Scientist Dr. Ali Goode. They discuss the effectiveness of VR based on their work together on Fabric of Reality—a virtual fashion show. Learn how brands can create deeper and more meaningful consumer connections through immersive, interactive experiences with VR, as well as the importance of measuring the effectiveness.

Dr. Ali Goode

Cognitive Scientist

Gorilla in the Room

Anita Caras

Sales Insights Director EMEA

Verizon Media

About the event

The actual and digital worlds are becoming increasingly intertwined. And 5G is poised to supercharge the evolution of tomorrow’s virtual experiences. Hear from industry experts and watch inspiring and thought-provoking programming.

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